Hydrocracking is a catalytic cracking process that utilizes higher pressures and hydrogen to produce highly valued gases, gasoline, kerosene and diesel. It is a process that yields very good results but is also complex due to the high pressure and addition of hydrogen. The process is either one or two staged.

For valves the major difficulties are presented by the solids from the cracking process at high temperatures and pressures.

For the parts of the process that are relatively clean but at high pressure MIAM produces high pressure gate, globe and check valves from forged or cast standard as well as exotic materials. For the process area loaded with solids MIAM also produces shut off plug valves that ensure that the valve seats are protected from the process while the valve is in open or the closed position. MIAM plug valves ensure a reliable and long lasting quality shut off at a very favorable cost of ownership.

We would be very pleased to assist you for the correct application of our valves in your process plant or for further questions or information that you may have.

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