Vacuum Distillery

Crude oil is a complex mixture of different hydrocarbon compounds. The first process in a refinery is the atmospheric distillation of the crude oil to separate the different compounds. The feed of the vacuum distillery is the bottom of the atmospheric distillation. In the vacuum distillery the heavy oils, the feed, is further separating the different hydrocarbon compounds. Products of the vacuum distillery are gases, light oils and heavy oils.

Valve applications in the high temperature heavy oils bottom section of the vacuum distillery present the highest requirements on the valves. Common issue with valves is achieving proper and reliable shut off.

For this process MIAM produces high quality plug valves that ensure that the valve seats are protected from the process while the valve is in open or the closed position. MIAM plug valves ensure a reliable and long lasting quality shut off at a very favorable cost of ownership.

We would be very pleased to assist you for the correct application of our valves in your process plant or for further questions or information that you may have.

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