INNO-ARV – Pump Automated Recirculation Valve

Pump Protection Systems

  • Centrifugal pumps can overheat  and see cavitation  if they run dry. This can lead to serious damages of the pump.
  • To avoid such scenarios it is imperative ensure a minimum flow through the pump at all times
  • Such pumps also have no backflow prevention that also needs to be taken into consideration

A MIAM ARV is a reliable solution for protecting pumps:
Installed directly into the main outlet pipe of the pump
Combines the control valve, the non return valve and the flow metering
Automated control of flow between main line and bypass line depending on the flow rate of the pump
Safe and reliable system to protect the pump from running dry


3 Stages of Operation of an Automated Recirculation Valve

  1. Main Flow
    • under normal pump operating conditions the ARV main line is fully open and the bypass is fully closed
  2. Mixed Flow
    • When the flow is reduced as required by the process the main line check valve inside the ARV starts to reduce the main flow and allows minimal flow through the bypass
  3. Bypass Flow
    • When the flow is reduced further as no product is required by the process the check valve inside the ARV closes the main flow and fully opens the bypass flow
    • With bypass flow only the minimum required flow of the pump is maintained and the pump cannot run dry


  • 1” – 16” Inlet/Outlet Size, larger on request
  • Cl 150 – Cl 600, higher on request
  • Flanged acc. ASME B16.5, EN1092-1, BW Ends
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steels, Titanium, Duplex
  • Linear or equal % control characteristic
  • Vertical or Horizontal installation

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