High Pressure Valves for Chemical

The MIAM - INNO-FORGE®-HS high pressure valve range consists of special valves for the application in

  • shut-off
  • backflow retension
  • safety relief and
  • control applications

in high pressure chemical plants for pressures up to 3600 bar.

Main applications are in LDPE plants with high pressure pipe reactors as well as high pressure synthesis or similar applications in the chemical and fertilizer industry.

INNO-FORGE-HSValve Types MIAM can offer:

Shut-off Valves

  • manual, electric and hydraulic operation optional with heating system

Safety Valves

  • full & low stroke safety valves with magnetic/hydraulic/pneumatic actuator for opening and closing support

Check Valves

  • with ball or droplet plug

Compressor Valve

  • with self-acting lockable shut-off ball

Manometer Valve

  • with drain plug

Bypass Valve

  • with electric actuator

Fast Relief Valve

  • with hydraulic actuator

Let Down Control Valve

  • with hydraulic actuator

Special destructive and non-destructive examinations as well as state of the art pressure testing and quality assurance guarantee the highest safety of our products. Forged valve bodies made from special steels for the applicable applications result in bubble tight shut off valves. Standard pipe connection of our valves is a lense gasket with screwed on flanges. Other connections are available on request. The high pressure valve product range for chemical plants are categorized according to their function:

  • shut off valves such as shut-off and piston check valves and excess flow valves
  • control and safety valves such as relief valves
  • form fittings such as angle, T-pieces, connection pieces, lense gaskets, flanges

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