Lift Plug Automation Solution

INNO-MAT® is a MIAM GmbH development which presents a revolutionary step in Metal Seated Lift Plug Valve single actuator Automation. It is based on an absolutely new and innovative design without the use of any indexing balls or nuts as well as multiple actuators.

The INNO-MAT® is specifically designed for Lift Plug Valves requiring a

Lifting - 90° Turn - Re-Seating motion

such as plug valves from manufacturers such as:

  • Crane Pacific - Wedgeplug®
  • Poyam - Lift Plug Valve
  • Schuf - Lift Plug Valve
  • Strack - Lift Plug Valve

Advantages and Benefits:

Smooth and Fast Operation -- fast open/close operation, no system lock-up
Great Force Transmission -- avoid sticking of plug due to thermal shrinkage, high delta p operation
High Performance Precision -- high plug seating repeatability, intermediate positioning, back cycling
Simple to Actuate -- Gear, Electric, Pneumatic, Electrohydraulic, Hydraulic 

  • Lifting out of Seat Force 2x higher than seating (pushing down) Force due to lifting angle smaller than seating angle which avoids sticking of plug due to seating hot, lifting cold
  • Eliminate bending of the valve stem or the complete yoke assembly through a locked up actuation system
  • Easily assembled / disassembled at site with valve either in open or closed position via the quick hub clamping system

Standard Range:

IM-  7 -   7 tons
IM-15 – 15 tons
IM-30 – 30 tons
IM-50 – 50 tons


* larger sizes on request

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