metal seated lift plug valve

INNO-CON® a MIAM® GmbH product is a metal seated lift plug valve designed for special applications such as mediums with solids at high temperatures and/or pressures.

Features of the INNO-CON:

  • 90° shut-off valve
  • tapered metal seat
  • in open and close position seats are protected from the medium
  • robust and simple design
  • zero leakage valve
  • top entry design (work on a valve can be done with valve still installed)
  • 2, 3 or multiport available
  • 100%, 90%, 70% ports available
  • piggable acc. API 6D on request


plug is lifted out of the seat, turned 90° and re-seated/wedged into the seat for operation

  • handwheel and lever for hand operation only
  • MIAM® specially designed gear mechanism with handwheel or actuator according to customer specification


Processes with solids or difficult mediums (i.e. abrasive, crystalizing, high viscose mediums or suspensions)

  • Refining/Petrochemical: Coker (delayed or continous), Ethylene Cracking, FCC (Fluid Catalyst Cracking), Slurry Oil, Tank Farm,  Pipeline
  • Chemical: MDI, Polymer Plants,  High Temperatur Applications
  • Offshore: Oil-Sand-Water Seperators



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