Cam Style Line Blind System

INNO-BLIND® is an in-house development of MIAM® - Magdeburger Industriearmatur-Manufaktur GmbH. The INNO-BLIND line blind system distinguishes itself from other manufacturers by its unique design that allows for simple way to line blind a pipe with a rugged and sturdy built up. A big advantage is the replaceability of all seals without having to dissassemble the blind or take it out of the pipe. This leads to very good shut off capabilities with a rugged design built to last.

  • Simple yet sturdy and rugged design
  • High integrity sealing system to the environment as well as the process
  • All seals changeable outside of the piping area without the use of tools or taking the blind out of the pipe
  • No force transmission to the pipe when operating the blind

INNO-BLINDGeneral Information:

  • 1”-36” Cl. 150-2500
  • Simple but rugged design for heavy duty service
  • High integrity seal technology blind system
  • Cam shaft blind
  • Multiple seat materials available (incl. high temperature)
  • High integrity shut off system
  • Simple to maintain
  • One man operation system

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