Company Concept

ProjektberatungMIAM® - Magdeburger Industriearmatur-Manufaktur GmbH is an innovative company that is benefiting from the extensive experience of its staff in the design and construction of valves as well as the sales and quality assurance to national and international markets.

MIAM® is a privately held company where our staff is the key component to our success as they work with high dedication, are very thorough and have extensive knowledge in their field of expertise.

The Company Philosophy of MIAM® has the following Core Values:

  • Innovative Solutions
  • High Quality Standard
  • Dependable Partnerships with our Customers

MIAM® offers effective, competent and foremost innovative valve solutions for user specific problems. A team of engineers is creating approaches to solution to design a valve that will meet the requirements of the customer. Besides the development of new product the communication with the customer is a key component to find the optimal solution. Throughout the design and manufacturing of the valve, compliance of the highest possible quality standards is a major focus point for MIAM®. A large share of the valves developed are special single pieces and small batches which require a high level of quality safety. MIAM® is always striving to perform and to meet or exceed the customer expectation. Center of the company philosophy is the customer and the partnership with him. Our main goal is to work with customers in a cooperative manner which embraces effective communication and trust.

MIAM® is striving to market high quality valves and innovative solutions on national and international markets. Goal is to offer customers dependable products made in Germany.

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