3 and 4 way switch valves


For Delayed Coker Systems with By-Pass (3 and 4-Way Switch Valve)

Dual Actuator Automation Solution specially designed for Plug type Coker switch valves with By-Pass (4 way valves):

  • Via Handwheel or Electric Actuators


  • 2 Actuators (Seat/Un-Seat + Turn)
  • Control Unit

Optional control features such as intermediate positioning, feedback systems direct PLC integration

(For 3 Way Switch Valves MIAM can offer their INNO-MAT-120° single actuator solution.)

Advantages and Benefits:

  • MIAM Control Unit - precision control of 2 actuators
  • Safety Control - Programmable fail proof operation
  • High Performance Precision - Limit Switches give signal to control box which controls motion of actuatorsINNO-SWITCH Electric
  • Simple to Actuate - Custom Made Brackets and connections
  • Custom options available to accommodate local installation position


  • Specifically designed for heavy duty coker service to avoid sticking of the plug by keeping adequate reserve thrust available
  • High Performance control unit for high precision dual actuator control
  • Local and Remote push button control with motion and position feedback on request


  • MIAM automation system can be retrofitted on existing switch valves such as on Wilson Snyder Switch Valves


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